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There are lots of proposals on the theme of "healthy food" on the food market today. But no clear answer for the question about which of them are really useful. 

So is there any solution of the problem of healthy eating? - Yes!

And like all the brilliant it is simple:

Produce ecologically pure products and pack them with an ecologically pure way!


Ecological farming is actively developing in the world and begins to form in Russia. Products which corresponding to eco-requirements and produced according to the necessary methods of production can be labeled as "ecological" or "green", "organic", "biological", "bio-organic", "biodynamic", "bio", "eco".

In Europe «organic» (organic) products are produced according to the standards of "pan-European agreement on organic production of agricultural products № 2092/91 from 24 June 1991" (since 2009 there are new directives 837/2007 and 889 / 2008 on organic production in EU). As the foundation of American standards is recognized "Act about organic food production," adopted in 1990. In some countries they are called bio-products. Unfortunately there is no legislative basis for eco-or bio-products adopted in Russia. Officially either "pesticide-free" or "no preservatives" has been legitimized in Russia (GOST Food Products. Consumer’s information. General Requirements.). But the manufacturer can make them under one condition if there is a confirmation from the Ministry of Agriculture and Health Ministry. Many domestic manufacturers indicate "biological product" and “ecologically clean product" on the packaging regardless that it is prohibited by GOST.


In the United States at the end of the last century there was set out the main principles and according to them the food could get the prefix "bio" or "organic".

The main commandment: no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and genetic modification in seeds and other raw materials. The fight with pest is held only with birds help, insects and traps and weeds are weeded by hand. Only nature gift are using in the production - only natural fillings, coloring agents, flavors (juices of berries and fruit). No preservatives, stabilizers and enhancers of taste.

Biological products can be dried, pasteurized, salted, pickled, dry and boiled. They can be subjected to vacuum treatment and instant freezing. Sonication, chemical preservation is strictly prohibited. They are also packed in biological materials - paper, glass, tin, and bio-plastics that do not interact with the content of packaging.

In 1995, the National Committee on organic standards of U.S. adopted the following definition: "Organic agriculture is a system of ecological production that increases diversity, improves the biological cycle and biological soil activity. It is based on the minimal usage of inorganic substances and the usage of technologies that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony."

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