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Plastic bags are lightweight, convenient and durable. Paying little or nothing, customers can get hold of one almost in every shop. Having developed the manufacture of polyethylene packaging, humans produce 20 times more garbage than they used to 50 years ago.  Disposable polyethylene packaging accounts for 40% of the world household waste. 90% of ever produced plastic still exists. Landfill sites are constantly growing, occupying more and more areas of land, which otherwise could be of more practical use or stay unspoilt altogether. In wild life every discarded plastic bag can kill an animal that accidentally swallows it. Illegal landfills are a real disaster.

Humans have been looking for ways to fight the problem of enormous garbage amount. A plastic bag, for one, can hardly be recycled. Even if it can, the secondary raw materials cost a fortune to be refined. Burning polyethylene has a negative impact on the atmosphere and human health since hazardous substances the process results in poison the environment.

A rational and effective solution to the problem does exist: it is eco-packaging.



What is eco-packaging?

Eco-packaging is the most practical, reasonable and inexpensive alternative to conventional polyethylene bags and plastic boxes.

Whatever eco-friendly products people make, their toxic packaging impairs the overall quality, which they so painstakingly strive for, and damages the environment. Seeing the importance of this problem, Ecoproduct uses nothing but eco-packaging for its goods.

Paper bags, kraft paper packaging, cardboard boxes, reusable fabric bags of coarse calico, twill, two-thread cloth or flax, wicker baskets or biodegradable bags and boxes can look as nice as their plastic counterparts. Neither are they less practical or convenient. Easy and inexpensive to produce, they are both eco- and budget-friendly.

Making a biodegradable plastic bag does not require any expensive reconstruction of an operating polyethylene packaging production line: in the existing set of basic materials there is just one special additive needed. Thanks to it, exposed to temperature, UV-radiation, water, oxygen and other environmental factors, a bio-plastic bag decomposes into low-molecular compounds. Easily assimilated by bacteria, in their turn these chemical combinations are transformed into carbon dioxide, water and biomass (a number of microscopic plants and animals).


Eco-packaging is novel, practical, economically advantageous and, above all, ecologically harmless!

Ecoproduct keeps an eye on the quality of its products, bears in mind its manufacturing ethics and cares about the safety of the environment. The company’s philosophy says that healthy eating is not just a trend-in-fashion but a vital necessity of every civilized human being in the modern world. That is the reason why Ecoproduct appeals to consumers’ common sense asking to think twice about direct and indirect consequences a purchase can lead to.

Nowadays, especially in the epoch of consumerism, every member of society needs to be eco-responsible, which is both a pre-requisite of conscious living and a matter of enormous significance for the Planet on the whole. Consciously choosing eco-products and eco-packaging one contributes to the well-being and progress of society. Manufacturers and consumers’ minimized negative impact on the environment will help to save the Planet and improve its inhabitants’ standard of living. 

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