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The saying “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are” reflects the relation between the food we consume and the way we look and feel.

Today is the time when the products of human activity have polluted the earth’s air, water and soil and when the environment keeps on worsening despite all efforts humanity is taking to fight the problem. Simultaneously, today is the time when people are turning more and more consciously to healthy diets and right living.

Founded in 2001, the company Ecoproduct is a professional producer of eco-friendly natural foods.

Flour, cereals, pasta, milk, butter, eggs, meat, tomato paste and oil are just some of the products supplied by Ecoptoduct. 

Continuously improving its production technologies Ecoproduct strives for high quality at all times. The company’s highest strategic aim is its customers’ wellbeing and freedom of choice. Therefore, never using artificial base ingredients it ensures that the final products are naturally wholesome and healthy.

By controlling all stages of the production process Ecoproduct manages to guarantee the fresh-from-the-farm condition and high quality of its foods.

Apart from its consumers’ needs Ecoproduct’s another great concern is the environment.

Likewise the company Ecoproduct takes pains to select only organic materials in its choice of packaging. Whenever it is technologically possible, to polyethylene and plastic it prefers paper bags and cardboard boxes. The thoughtful choice of recyclable packaging materials is becoming essential to safe-guard human health and the environment.

The widespread use of plastic, vacuum packaging and polyamide film in food industry is unsafe as polymer products are toxic when heated and decompose in neither soil nor water.

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