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Ecoproduct Company was founded in 2011 and it is a highly professional manufacturer of organic natural products.

Flour, cereals, pasta, milk, butter, eggs, meat, tomato paste, vegetable oil - it's just a half of the list of products that LLC Ecoproduct offers for the city dweller.


Ecoproduct Company cares about the quality of its products, the production ethics and the clean environment. We believe that a healthy diet and a healthy consumption are not just a modern trend, but a vital necessity for the representative of a modern developed society, so we urge you to think about your diet and the indirect effects of your purchases.

Environmental responsibility of every member of the modern society demonstrates not only his conscious lifestyle, but also matters great importance for the whole Planet, especially in the age of consumerism. Opting for environmentally safe products and environmentally safe packing, you are contributing to the life and society development. Minimizing the impact for the environment from the both sides of business and consumers can help to conserve natural resources of the Earth and raise the living standards.

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